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Aletti Giovanni e Figli srl

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Since 1947, Aletti Giovanni & Figli has contributed to the writing of the history of the modern tanning sector. Well known all over the world and appreciated for the unquestionable qualities of the machines they produce: top performances, extreme reliability and always one step forth in the technology.

These features have remained unchanged in the time and have been improved by years of experience, research and development which are traditional strong point of the factory, together with the reliability of their people with the same family controlling the company since from the beginning.

The TANNERY MACHINES production including the most COMPLETE RANGE OF MACHINES FOR SKINS in the world (fleshing, sammying, shaving, wet buffing, setting-out, staking, buffing, dedusting, ironing and polishing machines) , advanced machines for hides and pig skins ( including fleshing, shaving, setting out, buffing, dedusting, polishing and sammying) and the COMPLETE RANGE OF BUFFING MACHINES for all types of leather (our legitimate pride is to be the most ancient manufacturer of buffing machines in the world).

Aletti Giovanni & Figli is the only one in the world that can produce the ENDLESS-BELT BUFFING MACHINE.

The experience gathered in over 60 years, allows Aletti to be in the van of the market and to offer the most reliable, performing and technologically advanced machines.



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