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A smart chemistry for a better future. ChimontGroup is a research center that designs and develops both products and process know-how for the leather industry, aiming to achieve more and more efficient and eco-friendly technologies. ChimontGroup has constantly invested significant resources in applied research so as to become the tanning industry benchmark. Besides the traditional analytical laboratories, testing, tanning and finishing areas, we are the first and only company to have a multipurpose space for applied research, specifically designed to test both products and processes under practical conditions: THE YELLOW LAB.

The leather industry development connects us. THE YELLOW LAB is an area equipped with those machinery commonly used in tanneries; here you can simulate the industrial process to verify firsthand the interaction between chemicals and machinery, according to the result you want to achieve. All machinery in THE YELLOW LAB are of the last generation and produced by qualified manufacturers but, to achieve the best performances, we constantly replace them with their latest model. Skilled technicians are at customers disposal for them to try and evaluate all the technologies and tanning and finishing processes that increase the quality of the leather and improve productivity.

In ChimontGroup, we believe that research, creativity and collaboration are competitiveness factors, and this is why we make THE YELLOW LAB available to the tanneries: to give concrete response to the tanner’s needs.

Some of our latest projects

  • JLine: A unique retanning agent that improves the characteristics of the leather without limiting the succeeding finishings.
  • Dry-Tan: The innovative dry retanning technique that gives crust the desired characteristics.
  • Layertech: The dermo-mimetic and ecological polymeric gel for a finishing that has never been seen before.
  • Multiplier: An innovative process for multiplying the leathers while adding them more value and without any finishing limit.
  • Finimage: The only all-in-one means for leather decoration that does not need any finishing.
  • LaserOne: New methods in laser techniques, creating new applicative standards across the leather world.
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