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Corichem srl

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The main activity of CORICHEM srl, with headquarter in Sarego (Vicenza), a dynamic and advanced company, fully committed to the environmental care, is the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals and dyestuffs for the firms in the hides tanning sector.

The company, which growth was first tightly connected with the development of the tanning factories of the Chiampo Valley, has started some years ago to enlarge its commercial network and to widen its presence in foreign markets, implementing a constant and long-term business with different countries in Europe and the Far East.
Corichem is provided with in-house well equipped laboratories for the research and development of the products and the optimization of the different hides working processes and has developed a range of articles to cover all leather production process phases.

The company is committed to an ongoing effort aimed to deliver its customers new and technologically advanced products and is well aware that the chemical industry will have a future only in connection with the safeguard of the environment.



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