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Dermacolor srl

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Dermacolor has been operating in the leather industry since 1981, where it specialises in the production of chemicals for leather tanning and processing. Created by two partners, Palagini and Meucci, one a technician and the other a businessman, the company currently occupies an important slice of the sector it operates in with passion and devotion.

Research and development are the driving forces behind the company: Dermacolor aims to be a landmark in the local leather industry and for companies in the sector that need chemicals for chemical products for the leather processing.



  • BIOTASE: Bating agents, Soaking enzymatic products
  • DERMACLEAN: Soaking agents, Degreasing agents, Emulsifiers
  • DECAL: All purpose deliming agents
  • DERMALENE: Complete range of syntans
  • DERMAFLEX: All purpose resins for retannage
  • DERMASOFT: Dispersing agents, Neutralising agents, Chrome-syntan complexes
  • DERMADOL: Full range of fatliquors, Waterproof agents
  • K-LIME: Liming auxiliaries, Anti-wrinkle agents, Grain cleansers
  • K-THIO: Full range of biocides
  • PATO: Special products
  • VIDERMA DYES: A range of leather dyes
  • VIDERMA DYES FAST RANGE: High-performance leather dyes



China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Egypt


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