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Dermochimica spa

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The core of our business is based on:

  • Innovative, flexible, well- concept production plants
  • Production of chemicals starting from selected raw materials
  • On demand – Tailor made service
  • Direct contact with market needs and expectations

During its long life, Dermochimica has a continuous development trend which pushes the Company to progressive enlargement. The next target is balancing the necessity of equilibrium and stability asked by Worldwide economic situation with a constant bounce toward competitiveness. How to reach this goal? Increasing production capacity and developing a strong trustworthy network with all our partners.

Dermochimica S.p.A. provides reliable, innovative and sustainable chemical solutions for leather industry. With more than 50 years of experience in leather chemicals, we provide a comprehensive product range that covers the complete leather-making process, from beamhouse to finishing. Our services are supported by a consistently high product quality, the safety for the consumer and from customer support.
Footwear, leather goods, clothes, styling and furnishing, are the main markets for tanning field, everyone of course having different exigencies. Dermochimica S.p.A. is in condition to offer tailor-made solutions to its own customers, having a complete product range suitable for every type of application. By means of a prompt and efficient technical service, the Company is able to realize a complete article range having a high style content for fashion field.



acrylic resins, auxiliaries, auxiliaries touch modifiers, bating agents, biocides, compound, cross-linking agents, degreasers, deliming agents, dyestuffs, fillers, finishing dyestuffs, fixing agent, liming auxiliaries, mineral tanning agents, natural and synth fatliquors, pickling agents, pigments, polyurethanic resins, protein binders, retanning agents, soaking agents, solvent lacquers/nitroemulsions, syntans, top coat, vegetable tannins, waxes and oils emulsion.



Dermochimica S.p.A. in Italy has an Headquarter located in Agrate Brianza and a Branch placed in Santa Croce sull’Arno.
In AGRATE BRIANZA Headquarter are situated:

  • The administrative offices, import-export, purchases
  • Manufacturing plants (divided into sectors: manufacturing powders, liquids, dyestuff and pigments)
  • Laboratories for quality control and research of new products
  • Storage areas in which arise warehouses, silos and areas responsible for logistics and transport.

Our tuscan branch in SANTA CROCE SULL’ARNO was completely renovated and opened in September 2014, here there are:

  • Showroom
  • Application Laboratories
  • Warehouses
  • Conference room
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