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Tecnologia Conciaria

This book analyzes all stages of leather
processing from a theoretical and practical point of view, with particular reference to
the technological aspects that affect industrial production.

Chimica Tecnologia del Cuoio

Topics related to the morphology of leather, conservation, defects and its marketing are developed. Riviera process, tanning, neutralization, retanning, dyeing, fatliquor and finishing and water purification.

Manuale di
Pratica Conciaria

Guide for students and consultation base for technicians working in the tanning sector. A book where theory gives way to practice, teaching science intersects with concrete examples of application in the tannery.

La Rifinizione
del Cuoio

It delves into the four major categories of products needed for finishing: pigments, dyes, binders and auxiliaries. Finally, we talk about polymers-binders, auxiliaries and the preparation of leather for finishing.

Possibili difetti
sul Cuoio

Analyzes all possible errors and defects that can occur during a production process. The manual summarizes the methods for evaluating leather, the different types of leather, the principles relating to their production.

of Leather Terms

The technical terms of leather concern the sectors of tannery, footwear, manufactured goods, mechanics, chemistry and environmental impact. Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, French, German.